Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Joshua pumpkin

Boo at the Zoo in Little Rock Arkansas
This picture was taken at the Zoo in Little Rock Arkansas on Halloween in 1999. Joshua is the little pumpkin with the funny expression. Micah was the tiger and I was pregnant with Jacob. Doesn't Jeffrey look so handsome? I think the boys were a little grumpy since we had to wait in a long line for the pictures. Joshua had just turned 3 in September. He loved to wear his pumkin costume all around the house.


tsduff said...

Sally, I have this picture in my screen savers. It is great. Happy pumpkin kiddo.

sister celtic said...

Sally this is a priceless photo I love it, thankyou for posting it so we can share in good family times. Hey did ya get the audio tape I sent I hope so? let me know

jeff@sally said...

sister celtic,

I did get the tape but haven't listened yet. Hopefull I will have some to time this weekend. :)