Sunday, October 21, 2007

Malibu Presbyterian Church

How sad to see the church burning. I grew up in this church and have many happy memories there. Jeff and I were married there. Though I live far away it makes me sad for the building to burn. Thank goodness the church is not really the building but the people who worship God.
Please keep my Dad and his wife Bev in your prayers. The fire is very close to their home and the winds can change directions at any time. They have evacuated and are safe but I know they must be worried about the house.

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tsduff said...

It is very sad to know that our church is no longer standing. As you said, the church is only a building, but it is still the physical site of many memories and experiences which we all share. I remember standing up at Mom's service to a packed room - as well as the beautifully decorated sanctuary in Christmas colors at your wedding... I pray for all of the numerous communities which are on fire right now in southern California.